[truth]LINK is a popular, easy-to-understand Bible study series. This website is the free online version of the course.
There are many people who want to understand what the Bible teaches in a systematic, topical format. [truth]LINK fills this need. It is a tour de force of biblical insight that will expand your mind, impact your heart, and elevate the quality of your life.

Register with your email address and open a FREE account to start enjoying the beautiful Bible studies. You can go at your own pace filling out in the blanks the answers you find in the Scriptures. Even if you don’t have a Bible you can look up the verses while on the lesson. As you finish each lesson the system will record your answers and give you a grade.

What you’re about to discover is that God is more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined. In the vast ocean of the Internet, [truth]LINK is a treasure chest of insight to the character of the Creator of the universe.

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