Daniel and Revelation: A Bible Study

We are only a few days before we launch!

Starting January 1, we will join a virtual Bible study of Daniel and Revelation using the new Bible study journal published by Andrews University Press and we welcome all who would like to participate.

This Bible study will run from January 1 through March 27, 2021.

Dr. Scottie Baker, from Andrews University Press, will be posting the study notes for each spread each day. Then on Sabbath afternoons at 3:00 PM we will do a zoom meeting.

In that live meeting, we will recap the highlights for the week, give some bonus archaeology information related to that week’s study that is not in the daily studies, and then open it up to questions and discussion.

The daily studies are designed to be done in the home by family (each one with their own journal). We are encouraging families to read the Biblical text (on the left-hand page of the spread), follow the study notes (underlining, writing notes, linking texts, etc), and then record what stood out for each person each day. The advantage of this approach is that it promotes daily devotions/worship by providing guides. And it has the potential for some very good discussions on Sabbath.

Dr. Scottie Baker will post this FRIDAY MORNING on the dedicated Facebook page. The same will happen on Sabbath morning (day 2).


We will also post the devotionals on this page and on our church’s Facebook Page.

The group will meet via Zoom every Sabbath (We will post the zoom link once I have it). That should work out wonderfully since those who are participating will have done two days by the zoom meeting so we can share logistical questions before we get too far down the road.

There has been tremendous support for this event. Thank you. Please share with your friends and family. All are welcome to join.

This study will be unique in that we will look at every verse in Daniel and Revelation (not just the popular ones). So, if you’ve ever been curious about the other bits, you might like this.

The Bible studies will follow the one-page spreads from “The Great Prophetic Books of Daniel and Revelation: A Bible Study Journal,” available from Andrews University Press.

The new journal is by far the best tool to facilitate it. You don’t need the journal to participate but it is easier and more fun. I’ll be posting more about the journal and the journey between now and New Year.

Before interacting with the study guides, please pray and ask God to be with you as you study the Bible.

How to participate in this online Bible study:

  1. First, read the Bible aloud. If you are studying with others, take turns reading. This is very important as the point of the studies is to engage with the Word of God.
  2. Second, follow the study. In each study, you will see what Dr. Baker felt was important, and a short explanation of why he felt it was important. Everyone is encouraged to also underline and make notes of anything else they feel is important and to write questions that can be asked at the weekly review discussions via zoom.
  3. Third, record what stood out to you in the study. Perhaps it will be a theme for the page. Perhaps a certain thought or idea that you had.
  4. Fourth, join in on the weekly review discussions via zoom each Sabbath afternoon. Look for the links posted each week.

There will be daily posts on the Facebook page

Update on the format…

This will be a self-guided Bible study. Each day I will post the study and will leave it to each of you in whatever time zone or country you are in to follow along where you are, whenever you can during the day.

Each daily study post will include Dr. Baker’s study notes from that day’s page spread, photos of the page so you can have some idea what he did, and any other supporting images (as necessary).

Everyone, of course, is free to study however they like and to make or not make any notes on their own. But for those who want a little guidance, will at least have what he has done to provide some idea of what might be possible, and anyone can ask questions or make comments related to the posts.

And again, you don’t need a journal to follow along. However, we will be following the spreads in the journal and this will be the easiest way. The journals are $14.99 each (which is a great price for a journal as a regular blank one in a bookstore can cost even more than that). They can be purchased on Amazon or at the web page of Andrews University Press.


May God bless you on this exciting journey through the great prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation.