March 18, 2020

Dear brethren,

We are officially in Stage 3 of our Contingency Plan. (Please look at the bottom of this page for reference)

All Texas Conference employees met with the officers of the yesterday via zoom. Based on their directives we are also following the recommendations from the CDC.

Effective immediately, all ministries and worship services of the church will be canceled for 30 days.

The City of San Marcos just published a few minutes ago a new Order by Mayor Hughson prohibiting gathers of more than 10 people.

I am thankful for your patience and understanding attitude. Even though our situation is far from ideal, canceling our church meetings in the present circumstances is being Christ-like as it follows the Golden Rule principle, loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, being a model citizen, and practicing good communal health (see Matthew 7:12; 22:39; Romans 13:1-8; 1 Peter 4:8-16 and Leviticus 13).

We have established a YouTube channel for you to access devotionals, sermons, and Sabbath School classes. As of now, we have already uploaded some video materials for you to watch. Click HERE

Together with our Elders team, we are also developing a communications strategy as well as a plan to stay connected as a church family. We will send out more details very soon.

As social interaction becomes more and more limited, we want to give you and your loved ones the resources you need to cultivate a spiritual environment at home.

We are doing our part to provide additional tools and options for Bible Studies online as well as materials for children and adults.

To access those tools please go to our website or click here to go to our Facebook Page for more news and resources.

Advent Ridge Academy buildings/facilities will also be closed at least until April 5. They will continue updating parents about any future developments.
Although the buildings will be closed, the school will still be in session. Carrie and our wonderful team of teachers will be in touch with the parents on how the students will proceed.

We will continue releasing future information via our weekly newsletter, emails, social media and website on any further developments to keep everyone informed.

If you know of someone with limited access to any of these outlets, please let us know or even better, make sure to reach out to them and keep them informed.

In addition, we ask that you please do not forget the mission of the church. Though our services and doors are temporarily closed, our mission is still vibrant and active.

We want to ask you to please continue to support our church through your Tithes and offerings, we need your faithful generosity more than ever before.

For your convenience, you will find the link to Adventist Giving right here.

May God bless you, as you bless San Marcos SDA with your support!

As churches, schools, and businesses are required to close and temporarily cancel their services, each one of us should consider being instrumental at providing help and continue looking for new opportunities to serve.

The “Cancel culture” might have a whole new meaning from now on; but “let the Church be the Church” still stands!

We may have temporarily closed the building, but not the Church. We are the Church!

“The shortness of time is urged as an incentive for us to seek righteousness and to make Christ our friend. This is not the great motive. It savors of selfishness. Is it necessary that the terrors of the day of God be held before us to compel us through fear to right action? This ought not to be. Jesus is attractive. He is full of love, mercy, and compassion.” – Ellen White, Review and Herald, August 2, 1881

Let us all keep looking to Jesus! May our faith in God grow stronger in the midst of crisis and adversity.

 I pray for us all to keep our courage and faith in His promises, especially in the beautiful promise of Jesus’ soon return!

In His perfect love,

Pastor Josh



San Marcos SDA Contingency Plan

STAGE 3: Confirmed Case in Our Church or School, or upon the Advisement of Local, State, or Federal Health Officials

  • Church services are moved completely online with Facebook live streaming for all worshippers.
  • Children’s Sabbath School canceled with parents and families encouraged to study together at home.
  • Adult Sabbath School canceled or moved to our Social Media
  • Club ministries (Adventurers and Pathfinders) are canceled until further notice.
  • All small groups, meetings, pastoral counseling, regular visitation, shut-in and assisted living ministries and all church activities are canceled or moved to our online platforms (YouTube and Facebook)
  • No church-sponsored travel for ministries, groups or events.
  • Non-essential travel is recommended for emergency situations only.

The Texas Conference is also providing crucial information and continuous updates, especially recommendations in case you get sick.

You Can access it by clicking the following link:

A Reminder for Personal Preparedness

For 80% of cases, it is a relatively mild illness that does not require hospitalization. While there is currently no way to eliminate COVID-19, we can slow down its spread and protect our vulnerable population of all age groups by recommending:

  • Washing hands frequently with soap and water (20 seconds recommended or singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice will ensure you’ve scrubbed long enough).
  • Not touching your face (mouth, nose, eyes) with your hands.
  • Utilize a paper towel to grab door handles coming out of the restrooms, and other rooms.
  • Staying home if a person feels sick until the illness is resolved.
  • Covering all coughs and sneezes with a tissue and wash hands thoroughly afterward.
  • Staying away from others who are ill whenever possible, and feasible.
  • Self-quarantine if come in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Meeting Remotely

The full PDF Document of our Contingency Document can be read and download here: